"Optima est legum interpres consuetudo"
"The best interpreter of laws is practice"

Our Services

”Corpus Juris” Group provides a range of services including:


  • Legal support, consulting, judicial representation.


Corpus Juris provides complex legal support for the activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, as well as providing consulting services to individuals on any difficulty.
Depending on your needs, legal support and advice can be provided either on a permanent basis (subscription service) and to be a one-time (piecework) work . Also, Corpus Juris offers services in pre-trial settlement of disputes and mediation in negotiations of any complexity, legal representation and support of the enforcement proceedings.

Corpus Juris assists in the promotion of Italian products and services on the Russian market, as well as providing assistance to Russian enterprises and entrepreneurs in entering the Italian market.

  • Representation of foreign entities in Russia and the Russian entities abroad.
    • Searching partners, investors, partners, dealers, suppliers and distributors.
    • Marketing services.
    • Monitoring and analysis of the market.
    • Assessment of investment attractiveness.
    • Detection of competitors and analysis of their activity.
    • Legal services and legal analysis of transactions.
    • Investment consulting and investment planning
    • Development of investment strategies.
    • Research services.
    • The organization of international events.