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Russian President Vladimir Putin on 14 November 2003. 13 RSPP Congress made ​​a statement on support for the proposals on extension of renewal of land rights to enterprises in 2006 and reduce the redemption price of land for businesses to a minimum. Thus, two years of work specialists «Corpus Juris» in cooperation with the Union of the aviation industry and the RSPP unsuccessful and found support at such a high state level.
It should be noted that since October 2001 , when a new Land Code of the Russian Federation and the Law of putting it into action , «Corpus Juris» consistently advocated the extension and renewal of the repurchase price reduction , with our help, have been prepared and submitted to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of bills and proposals to the Government of the Russian Federation.
Expressing satisfaction with the support of the President and the Government in such a complex and important issue , we hope that other problems affected us inspire public authorities interest and understanding : in 2003 we have prepared proposals to amend legislation on unitary enterprises , privatization of state and municipal property , the development of aviation , about social objects , change the tax code and other laws.
In the case of passing the end of 2003 declared the land bills , businesses and research organizations who own land on the right of permanent ( perpetual) use , will continue to use it ” on the old ” conditions ; but those who are willing and able to redeem get the opportunity normally solve all the necessary procedural matters , including the issue cadastral documents on occupied land ( that is a big problem today in Moscow and St. Petersburg ) .
Allow two additional years , including the courts and ” overcome ” resistance bureaucracy cities of federal significance in matters of registration of cadastral maps and land titling than imposed in these subjects leases . Experts «Corpus Juris» always ready to provide professional legal support to address this set of issues .