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Privatized enterprises will be easier to purchase or lease state land on which they are located

The State Duma is preparing for a second reading amendment package , which simplifies the titling under privatized enterprises (there is a “Sheets”) . Amendments made ​​by the Government , Ministry of Economic Development has prepared a second reading is scheduled on June 25.

For a month after the submission of the application for renewal of a land plot state agency must decide whether to grant it in the lease or ownership . A month he would prepare a draft contract of sale.

Adopted in 2001, the Land Code ordered all businesses to purchase or lease the land on which they are located ( now – unlimited use ) . The re-registration deadline has already postponed several times (now – January 1, 2010 ) . After this date, the redemption price of land to rise from the current 2.5 % of the cadastral value (for Moscow and St. Petersburg – 20% ) to 100% , says Martin Shakkum , chairman of the relevant committee on construction . Will be installed and administrative responsibility for violation of the terms of rescheduling.

The bill proposes to clarify the boundaries of conduct , section area and concluding a deal on one of the application in cadastral registration authorities . After the adoption of the bill the whole procedure , including the inventory of work shall not exceed two months , calculated deputy director of Economic Development Minister Andrei Ivakin .

Already, officials are required to register land rights for the month of application , but the terms are not met . As a result, the process can take several years , notes Ivakin . The same problems faced by tenants of public land , wishing to redeem it , said partner Corpus Juris Alexey Novoselov .

In the code there is no clear description of the procedure renewal land, saith Shakkum . Some businesses have to undergo the procedure of cadastre and registration of rights three times: in the refinement of boundaries , allocation and registration of rights redeemable at him. The actual square footage is often not the documents on the site are laid uncommitted in the cadastral passport communication section can not be delimited , lists problems of Maxim Popov yurkompanii ” PGP, and partners .”

Within three months, could not get the cadastral plans, CEO complains MC ” Matorin ” Andrey Kuznetsov , who helped one of the customers to buy the land . Although the Agency for Federal Property Management issued a decision to privatize quickly enough to sign a contract of sale took another five months , the same court proceedings lasted about additional constraints imposed registration chamber while trying to register the earthen lot, says Kuznetsov . As a result, the foreclosure process took several years.